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Digital health solutions are emerging as a key element in the future strategies of the NHS and many comparable healthcare systems. The opportunities offered by health and care apps and associated wearable devices and other sensor tech are seen as one of the major ways of helping to balance the demands that are being placed on existing healthcare services.

ORCHA are the predominant provider of health and care related App Reviews to the health and care market in the UK. The ORCHA Review provides the most comprehensive and robust objective baseline assessment of health and fitness related Apps (Apps), relative compliance with current UK standards, guidelines and best practice. Its scoring approach enables end users or health and care professionals and carers to assess one App over another. The review looks at Apps from a wide array of perspectives in order that the resultant scores offer as rich and rounded a view as possible.

With over 1500 full reviews undertaken and over 170,000 Apps filtered and assessed at some level already ORCHA covers more of this exciting landscape than any comparable organisation in the world. The ORCHA approach is unique and is the only solution that can deliver truly objective analysis of the thousands of Apps that exist in this space.

The ORCHA Reviews are published to the general public through a series of websites that piggy back on relevant existing health and care organisations digital assets, essentially delivering a ‘Find an App’ solution to all and any digital platforms. This approach enables health and care organisations and communities to target and promote the use of digital health solutions with their populations and patients. ORCHA also provides a specific service for health and care professionals which supports the prescribing or recommendation of health and care Apps to their patients and service users.

ORCHA is rapidly becoming the defacto platform for finding, comparing and prescribing health and care Apps in the UK. It is already deployed across Lancashire in a partnership with all Lancashire CCG’s and Local Authorities. It is also scheduled to be rolled out in Essex, Yorkshire, Scotland and Staffordshire. ORCHA works in partnership with all the key players in digital health and has a number of strategic relationships with organisations tasked with the wider dissemination and use of these emerging solutions.

The Role

ORCHA health and care app reviewers work logically through a set of standards to assess the level , functionality and categorisation of Health and Care applications. Using the process and methodology developed by ORCHA, the reviewer will be expected to:

  1. Download the application
  2. Read all T&Cs related to the app plus written information provided about the application
  3. Test the app briefly
  4. Using the process provided categorise the application
  5. Using the process identify app functions
  6. Using the process provided assess the level of value
  7. Using the process provided assess the level of risk
  8. Ensure a register of apps reviewed or unable to review is established and maintained

Using an iterative and continuous improvement approach, the reviewer will be expected to provide feedback to enable improvements to be made to both the process and the platform.

Person Specification

You do not need to have Health and Care app knowledge or experience, though an understanding of the sector would be an advantage.

  • You should be keen on learning and have a “continuous improvement” approach to work
  • Some technical understanding or how web / mobile applications work is desirable.
  • You should have strong organisational skills, and an ability to consider multiple pieces of information to support the review process.
  • Attention to detail is a critical element in this role.
  • We want a self-starter, confident in their experience and knowledge, willing to learn, develop and add to their current skills.
  • Ability to follow due process is required.
  • A considered, positive attitude with a strong drive to “do things right” is important.
  • You should have strong written communication
  • You should have a strong ability to use spreadsheet, outlook and word
  • You should have a questioning mind, seeking to gain information to enable the review process to happen successfully


  • Review health and care applications
  • Meeting with the team to discuss the work and to capture iterative feedback
  • Maintaining a register of applications reviewed
  • Maintaining clear documentation about the reviewed apps
  • Support the team in understanding on time requirements to work through the process


If you would like to join the team and get involved in this exciting environment please contact Matt for further information.


Phone: 0151 482 9725

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