Options available to NHS patients when choosing apps

Options available to NHS patients when choosing apps

In a new blog post, Trustech investigate the options available to NHS patients, when looking for the right app to help manage their condition.

As Trustech explain:

Patients now have access to a large number of apps to manage or monitor their health.  However, whilst some apps have been developed by clinicians who have ensured that the app is effective and safe; others have not been developed so rigorously.  Hence, patients need a way of identifying those apps that are fit for purpose and don’t expose them to unnecessary risk.

Some of the options for patients to find apps, as explained by Trustech, are through us at ORCHA, the NHS Apps Library (which is still in beta) and My Therappy, which is aimed at stroke and brain injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Read the full article at https://www.trustech.org.uk/news/blog-assessment-of-apps-for-use-by-nhs-patients/

Digital Attitudes Survey North West London

Digital Attitudes Survey North West London

Digital Attitudes Survey – Introduction


The North West London (NWL) Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the Healthy London Partnership (HLP) went out to tender in early 2017 jointly seeking a supplier to work with them to develop a survey that would inform an evidence base that will support their plans for improved delivery, and uptake, of existing and new digital health services.

The aim of this project was to develop a survey that would support the NWL collaboration in gaining a high level understanding of their citizen’s needs, motivations and behaviours with regards to digital health tools and services. To achieve the goal of building an effective Digital Strategy for their citizens, the project brief requested support from expert partners to develop a mechanism for gathering evidence on:


  • the factors that drive and sustain digital utilisation for targeted populations
  • the features that enable people to become, and stay, connected with the NHS
  • and the benefits of digital health tools
  • key diversity needs specific to London to deliver the digital inclusion agenda
  • how to improve citizen experience and outcomes
  • how to improve service delivery efficiencies for the NHS


ORCHA – NWL – Digital Attitudes – 21.6.17

ORCHA named in the HealthTech top 100 influencers

ORCHA named in the HealthTech top 100 influencers

ORCHA have been named in the top 100 Influencers in HealthTech


A survey was recently conducted by Onalytica, to see which individuals, brands and publications were leading the social media debate in health tech.  They analysed over 812K tweets mentioning the key words: HealthTech OR ((Health) AND (Tech OR Technology)) or “digital health” OR digitalhealth from Jan 1st – June 25th 2017 and the main post image shows a network map of these findings.

They went further to create a map, created with their Influencer Relationship Management software, showing the number 5 brand DigitalHealth.London at the centre, and all the health tech conversations to and from the influencers in their field:



The full article can be found at https://www.onalytica.com/blog/posts/health-tech-top-100-influencers-brands-and-publications/

Health app developers get support in Yorkshire and Humber

Health app developers get support in Yorkshire and Humber

A strategic partnership between the Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) and us (at ORCHA) has been made to support the use and development of health and care apps in the region.

Through the partnership, we at ORCHA are offering app developers in the Yorkshire and Humber region a voucher giving them a review of their app for the discounted price of £50.

We hope the discount will help support developers by giving them a new route to get their products to market. The review offered by ORCHA includes a report outlining areas of strength and potential development and approved apps made available via our portals to public health and care professionals.

Sophie Bates, commercial partnerships and projects manager at Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network, said: “The region has a great community of app developers already working in the health sector with the potential for more to enter this market.

“Working with ORCHA we will open up new markets, and ensure apps are fit for purpose and commercially successful. We are delighted that the partnership is already supporting our communities, from independent app developers right up to Johnson & Johnson.”

Our chief executive Liz Ashall-Payne, said: “We want to support app developers by offering a new route to market and showcasing the very best health apps. App developers we work with benefit from impartial feedback and comparison with others in the market to improve their product. This partnership can create a thriving market place for apps that really benefit people and communities.”

Read the original article at https://digitalhealthage.com/health-app-developers-get-support-in-yorkshire-and-humber/

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