My Health UK

My Health UK

My Health UK has been developed by GPs from Elizabeth Street Surgery in Blackpool to address the challenges that have been facing general practice in recent years:

  • Empowering patients and encouraging self-care to be at the heart of their health,
  • Improving access by reducing the 60,000 missed GP appointments every day,
  • Targeting patients that need to be seen in primary care, and
  • Reducing the administrative burden and cost in primary care

The problem facing the developers of My Health UK, however, was how to differentiate their app within a saturated market so that they could sell it to the NHS. They needed it to be validated to make sure it would be seen as robust in the eyes of clinicians and patients, and they needed to make the app using community aware of their progress.

My Health UK on ORCHA website

Dr Sanjeev Maharaj, the driving force behind My Health UK, sought ORCHA to see how they could help. He was not only interested in how ORCHA could ensure My Health UK reached its true potential, but also loved what he knew of ORCHA and wanted to help ensure that ORCHA itself delivered for the healthcare system as a whole. As Dr Maharaj explains “ORCHA had a great concept of validating health apps to make it easy for patients and clinicians to choose the app that could improve health outcomes. What’s more, the value and risk score makes it easy at a glance to identify safe and appropriate apps.”

Understanding the potentially symbiotic relationship between the two organisations, they set out a plan to improve the robustness of their respective offerings; working together to review My Health UK using ORCHA’s review process, before discussing their findings in terms of both products.

By working collaboratively, the organisations had designed a process that added an additional level of robustness i) to My Health UK in terms of data security and user experience, and ii) to ORCHA around clinical pathways and clinician experience.

On the back of its ORCHA review, My Health UK was amended and re-reviewed – and now takes its place as one of the highest rated apps on every ORCHA portal and micro-site. My Health UK is now being successfully sold, and the success continues as Dr Maharaj has recently announced the agreement of an interface with EMIS “The My Health UK and EMIS partnership has created a unique interface and functionality not seen in primary care until now.” He explains how valuable this ORCHA experience has been in their success… “using an organisation like ORCHA can provide valuable insight, can help you create a product that can potentially have high value, and most importantly can help your app reach its target audience and reach its potential.”

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