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ORCHA are one of the UK’s fastest growing Digital Health organisations. We operate the world’s largest digital health assessment platform and library and have a suite of exciting products and services that are all geared towards getting more people using and benefiting from great health and care related Apps.

It’s fair to say we are crazy about health Apps. Digital health is rapidly emerging as the major new frontier in healthcare delivery globally and we are at the forefront of this fast moving and exhilarating environment.

Based in the Northwest of the UK we are rapidly growing across the whole of the UK, Europe and beyond.

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The Role: Digital Health Reviewer and Analyst

At the heart of everything we do is the unique and revolutionary ORCHA Digital Health Review and Assessment which allows us to rapidly but robustly assess and evaluate Digital Health solutions and support our wide array of clients to promote and embed great Apps into their systems, processes and populations.

At the core of the Review process is the Review team and our highly trained, highly skilled Reviewers. Every day they will assess Health Apps covering a huge number of different health and care conditions and categories and providing a wide range of different types of support.

Digital health Apps include major household names like FitBit and MyFitnessPal, many of which are great, but we particularly love finding the small, independent Apps that offer amazing solutions for some of the most common and challenging conditions around.

Our Reviewers rapidly become expert in all facets of Digital Health Apps. Guided and supported by our team of hugely experienced and expert specialists, ORCHA Reviewers look at Apps holistically, identifying in the process whether the Apps are safe for end users to use and for clinicians to promote and whether they are properly compliant with all the myriad standards and regulations that impact them.

A typical day will involve undertaking Reviews on a range of distinct Apps from a variety of different areas. You will download and use the App, you will investigate and examine all aspects of it and the information that it provides. You will also check out the relevant websites and App store entries to gather all the required evidence to establish how good the App is across a range of assessment dimensions.

As you get more experienced, you will gain the opportunity to become a Super Reviewer, undertaking more in-depth assessments on behalf of health and care organisations, regulators and governments who need to provide assurance schemes for their local populations. You will increasingly engage with the App Developers, supporting them to improve their solutions and you will also work hand in hand with our experts to evaluate compliance in often ground breaking areas such as AI and Sensor technology.

You will also work with regulators directly in areas such as medical device regulation, data protection and clinical evidence evaluation to constantly iterate and evolve the core process.

This is a role that can grow with you and provide you with an amazing foundation of core skills and knowledge which you can leverage in many different directions. We want you to do that with us and we will always work with you to find the next role or the next challenge to keep you energised and growing.


What do you need?

The most important skill you will have is attention to detail and an enquiring mind. It is crucial that you are accurate and meticulous and have great research and investigation capabilities.

You don’t need to be an expert in any part of Digital Health, we will train you fully, in all aspects and you will also be supported by our amazing team of experts who will introduce you to a wide range of different areas and skills.

Having an interest or fascination with Apps and wearable technology generally and health tech specifically would be useful, although we are sure you will quickly get hooked by the sheer variety and ingenuity that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Of course, energy, team work, great communications skills, enthusiasm and tenacity are all key as well. We are a friendly bunch and very much try to foster a fun and supportive environment. It is however fast paced and we are constantly in a change cycle as we iterate and reiterate what we do to support new clients, new jurisdictions and to take account of the constantly changing and developing environment we are scrutinising, so if change isn’t your thing, it’s probably not the place for you.

On a more practical front, this role is based in our amazing offices in Daresbury, Cheshire and it’s important that you can easily get to us and can work flexibly enough to support the different challenges and priorities.


What we offer

Hopefully you have started to get an idea of this. We offer you a chance to immerse yourself in an exciting and fast emerging environment that is at the forefront of tackling some of the most important challenges societies face.

We offer a job that will grow with you and constantly offer new challenges and new horizons.

We offer great training and access to hugely skilled individuals who will nurture and support you as you grow.

We offer, fun, fast pace and challenge in equal measure and we demand a high level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment in return.

We are still young, but growing fast and you have the chance still to be one of the ‘founding’ team and join us for what we know will be a fantastic journey.

Oh and yes, we do of course offer a salary: starting at £17,500 and growing over the first 2 years to a minimum of £22,000 with opportunities to grow this considerably as your skill levels evolve.


Get in touch…

If this sounds like perfect role for you, please drop us an email at with a covering letter and your CV telling us why. Don’t be shy, don’t leave your CV to do the talking, spell it out for us right from the start. If you do, we will be back in touch pronto.

The ORCHA Team…

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