Are you a healthcare professional looking for a new challenge? Have you thought about working in digital health, helping patients to take control of their condition as a Clinical Project Manager?




ORCHA are one of the UK’s fastest growing Digital Health organisations. We operate the world’s largest digital health assessment platform and library and have an suite of exciting products and services that are all geared towards getting more people using and benefiting from great health and care related Apps.

We are a team of clinicians, mhealth experts and web developers working within the NHS helping to change the way healthcare is delivered, utilising the power of technology. Our award winning digital platform has been shown to improve the long-term outcomes of our patient population, transformation change and patient outcomes.

It’s fair to say we are crazy about health Apps. Digital health is rapidly emerging as the major new frontier in healthcare delivery globally and we are at the forefront of this fast moving and exhilarating environment.

Based in the Northwest of the UK we are rapidly growing across the whole of the UK, Europe and beyond.  Check us out at


The Role: Clinical Project Manager


We work closely with organisations who wish to activate a population that they support to embrace digital health solutions as a means of better managing their overall health and wellbeing or any specific conditions that they have. At the heart of this is a suite of innovative digital tools that support this drive and make finding, comparing and using Digital Health much simpler.

These products include our App Finder which supports individuals and the health and care professionals who support them, to search for and find great solutions that match their specific needs and individual characteristics.  We also have a suite of Professionally focussed solutions that support the integration of digital health solutions into day to day clinical and care practice and pathways.

Our clients include, health and care organisations in the UK and wider afield, charities, universities, colleges and schools and major employers.

The Clinical Project Manager role is all about supporting the implementation, roll out and ongoing support of our products and services across this diverse client base. This is much more than a ‘task and finish’ style approach. Our Clinical Project Managers are a key part of the success of each client engagement and service implementation, they are required to understand the specific needs of each client and support them to develop a practical and effective strategy for the roll out of our services.  They are of course required to effectively manage the practical steps in an implementation, but nurturing relationships with a diverse array of client representatives, both clinical and none clinical is equally crucial and the key to achieving this successfully.

This team are on the front line on a daily basis, working in GP surgeries, hospitals, care providers and the like, with a wide array of clinical and none clinical teams and often with direct engagement with patients and service users. They also however work directly with System Leaders and Senior Managers within the client organisations and need to be able to operate at all of these levels with confidence.

They are very much seen as experts in the area of Digital Health and the application of this amazing new frontier in medicine to the day to day challenges of modern day healthcare systems and are required to be proactive in their engagement style and approach, helping clients to reach practical and effective integration, activation and engagement strategies.

No two days are the same with a hugely diverse array of clients, stakeholders and areas of focus ensuring that every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities to grow.


What do you need?


The most crucial skill you will need for this role is relationship management. Whilst great project management capabilities are a given, if you are not able to forge strong relationships across a wide array of stakeholders this isn’t the role for you. If however, you are really a people person and love to meet new people and take on new challenges, this could be the role for you.

You will need in addition however great energy and enthusiasm for healthcare in general and the world of Digital Health in particular. You don’t need to be an expert in Digital Health now. We will provide a lot of training and support to ensure you have all the knowledge and insights you will need, but a genuine interest in the area is essential.

A clinical background, or deep understanding of the health and care environment – including an understanding of the front-line delivery approaches and challenges – is also crucial. To be genuinely expert in Digital Health, requires you to firstly understand the wider health and care context in which these great solutions can sit. Being able to talk to health and care professionals at all levels, about their world is a key part of this.

We are a friendly bunch and very much try to foster a fun and supportive environment. It is however fast paced and we are constantly in a change cycle as we iterate and reiterate what we do to support new clients, new jurisdictions and to take account of the constantly changing and developing environment we are working in, so if change isn’t your thing, it’s probably not the place for you.

On a more practical front, this role while notionally based in our amazing offices in Daresbury, Cheshire will require a lot of travel to support projects across the UK. We will wherever possible work to ensure that members of the team are covering sensible geographic areas relating to their home location, but it’s important that you can easily manage the travel commitments and can work flexibly enough to support the different challenges and priorities.


What we offer


Hopefully you have started to get an idea of this. We offer you a chance to immerse yourself in an exciting and fast emerging environment that is at the forefront of tackling some of the most important challenges societies face.

We offer a job that will grow with you and constantly offer new challenges and new horizons.

We offer great training and access to hugely skilled individuals who will nurture and support you as you grow.

We offer, fun, fast pace and challenge in equal measure and we demand a high level of energy, enthusiasm and commitment in return.

We are still young, but growing fast and you have the chance still to be one of the ‘founding’ team and join us for what we know will be a fantastic journey.

Oh and yes, we do of course offer a great salary and benefits package: starting at between £28,000 and £35,000 with opportunities to grow this considerably as your skill levels evolve.


Get in touch


If this sounds like perfect role for you, please drop us an email at with a covering letter and your CV telling us why. Don’t be shy, don’t leave your CV to do the talking, spell it out for us right from the start. If you do, we will be back in touch pronto.

The ORCHA Team…

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